Patti Lupone's Birthday gifting! (Link attached is to my trading website not the gifts the actual post as the gifts)


In honor of Patti Lupones birthday I would like to gift these to audios to all of you.

Opening night of Evita OBC

Patti Lupones Last Night in Evita:

If you take please reblog the post so other people see it. If you want to you may feel free to add other Patti Lupone Audios/Video links in honor of her wonderful work in the theater. Do not feel obligated to add to it.



i eat up ALL documentaries about being on stage but i have a lot of trouble finding them. here’s a v small list of what i’ve seen and PLEASE feel free to add more!

Life After Tomorrow (Annie)
It’s the Hard Knock Life: From Script to Stage (Annie)
Broadway or Bust 3 episodes (Jimmy Awards)